In silico design Stable molecule Formulation development Market launch
FGF2 for cultivation media   FGF2-STAB®
(patent WO2017089016A1)

Global distribution agreement

Global license agreement

FGF2 for cosmetics   FGF2-STAB®
(patent WO2017089016A1)
FGF2 for veterinary medicine   FGF2-STAB®
(patent WO2017089016A1)
FGF2 for wound healing   FGF2-STAB®
(patent WO2017089016A1)
Other FGFs for cultivation media   FGFx-STAB
(8 molecules in the pipeline)
Other FGFs for medical use (osteoarthritis, lung injury, obesity and diabetes)   FGFx-STAB              (3 molecules)    
Other FGFs for medical use (neurodegenerative disease, angina pectoris) FGFx                            (2 molecules)      


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