Protein or enzyme engineering of your molecule

We offer contract research services. Our expertise in protein engineering and in silico design of molecules allows us to offer our know-how to the partners in a form of contract research.

Do you need a more thermostable molecule for your method or application? Does your protein or enzyme have a short half-life? Get in touch and we can improve it.


How it works

The contract research is carried out on a confidential basis where we respect the IP and know-how of our partner as well as our own protein engineering know-how. We always sign a CDA and/or MTA where necessary.

Once we know all the info about the project and the molecule (it is always better if we have a crystal structure) we run the first free-of-charge round of in silico analysis to identify the feasibility of the stabilisation.

The whole contract research project works like this:



Since 2019, Enantis is proud to be ISO 9001:2016 certified for the quality management system in the field of research, development and production of proteins.