We design smarter proteins for future needs of society! 

Enantis is an innovative biotech company that cleverly tackles previously unsolved problems using its proprietary protein engineering platform. Our core values are based on our full in-house development cycle from protein design using our state-of-the-art software to final product delivery. This integrative approach enables us to provide powerful and unique protein optimization services to our clients and develop new products for our own portfolio of smart proteins. 

Our internal R&D activities are predominantly focused on growth factors (GFs). The goal is to improve the poor stability and longevity of GFs for their use as new therapeutics and cosmetics agents but also as stem cell culture reagents and cultured meat media additives. We currently have three patented hyperstable molecules from the family of fibroblast growth factors – FGF2-STAB®, FGF10-STAB® and FGF18-STAB® with global distribution and license agreements worldwide for life science and cultured meat markets. In addition, we are currently in preclinical testing phase with FGF2-STAB® as a novel therapeutic solution for hard-to-heal wounds. We have had a significant success with FGF2-STAB® for cosmetics use where we won the New Incubation Ventures BRKTHRU VOICES prize by Estee Lauder companies for the most innovative product.

Enantis is based in Brno, Czech Republic and has a close relationship with Loschmidt Laboratories (Masaryk University), a world-renowned academic institution focused on development of protein engineering software. With both our products and services, we want to create a healthier and more sustainable future. 

Enantis is proudly ISO 9001:2016 certified for the quality management system in the field of research, development and production of proteins. 

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