Stabilized fibroblast growth factor 2 is a revolutionary anti-aging ingredient that solves the instability of growth factors in cosmetics


  • Anti-aging ingredient
  • Maintains skin hydration
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Enables skin softening
  • No stabilizing additives
  • Cost-effective
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested


Native growth factors suffer from low stability limiting their utilization in cosmetics during production, transport and application. FGF2-STAB outperforms native forms of growth factors due to its significantly improved stability





ACTIVITY AT 37°C < 10 hours > 20 days More stable during biological processes
STABILITY AT 25°C < 1 month > 10 months Stable for longer period (transportation and storage)
ACTIVITY (ED50) 5 ng/ml 1.1 ng/ml Lower concentration required (reduced costs)
MELTING TEMP. 54 °C 73 °C Stable at higher temperature (heating during production)


Higher stability of FGF2-STAB®



CAS NUMBER 106096-93-9 
APPEARANCE White crystalline powder
FORMULATION Freeze-dried from the filtered solution, 20 mM potassium phosphate and 250 mM sodium chloride buffer, pH 7.5 
pH RANGE 5.8 – 7.5
CONCENTRATION (RECOMMENDED) 0.001% of the final product (10 ug/ml)
USE Gels, emulsions, serums


Enantis has been awarded the first-ever Estee Lauder Companies New Incubation Ventures BRKTHRU VOICES prize. Our FGF2-STAB has been selected as the most innovative product at InCosmetics Global 2024 in Paris. This prize has been created to spotlight innovation, drive beauty and celebrate the talent behind this scientific innovation.

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„Using proteins and peptides as active ingredients is one of the latest trends in cosmetics. Substances like growth factors have a high potential of optimizing processes in various skin layers. FGF2-STAB has a clear advantage in making the skin smoother and even-coloured. Another important aspect of FGF2-STAB is reduction of transepidermal water loss which retains skin hydration. This increases its potential to be used in clients with chronically dry skin and with some skin disorders such as psoriasis or eczema. Main customers will be recruited from people with loss of skin elasticity and onset of wrinkles, including the mimic ones. FGF2-STAB can be recommended as a preventative care for physiologically aged skin.

Assoc. Prof. Jarmila Rulcova, MD, dermatovenerologist, Ambulance of Esthetic Dermatology – SynCare

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FGF2-STAB® is a stabilized variant of native fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF2). The mechanism of action of FGF2-STAB is exactly the same as the native FGF2 and it retains the full biological activity.

Native FGF2, often referred as the Wild-Type (WT), suffers of very low stability. Its biological half-life at 37°C is just 9 hours and its concentration at room temperature drops below 30% in less than 2 weeks. Therefore, native FGF2 is useless as a cosmetic ingredient and all cosmetic products based on native FGF2 contain literally a “dead” molecule.

FGF2-STAB® is stabilized by protein engineering directly in the protein structure. In particular, specific amino acids within the protein sequence were replaced with residues increasing the melting temperature. The higher melting temperature results in the higher stability of FGF2-STAB®.

Native FGF2 (wild-type) is already on the cosmetics market (INCI: SH-POLYPEPTIDE-1) and is even approved as a pharmaceutical drug in Japan. We did cytotoxicity testing of FGF2-STAB® in a huge excess with no cytotoxicity observation. In contrast to native FGF2, we only improved the stability of the protein, we did not alter the biological activity or mechanism of action. Therefore, in terms of mechanism of action, FGF2-STAB® is the same molecule as native FGF2.

No, we do not use any preservatives. FGF2-STAB® contains only the protein itself dissolved in the physiological solution.

FGF2 (also known as basic FGF – bFGF) is one of the most versatile growth factors in humans. It is necessary not just for the creation of the new tissues during embryogenesis but it plays a crucial role when the tissue is damaged (wound-healing). Unlike other ingredients having only supporting role in anti-aging, both FGF2 and FGF2-STAB® have direct biological functions in the tissue reepithelization and remodelling, fibroblast migration and collagen maturation.

Yes, we have conducted a clinical trial of FGF2-STAB® in a very simple cream formulation to avoid any efficacy shielding by other cosmetic ingredient. The efficacy study showed that FGF2-STAB® reduces wrinkles, retains skin hydration and normalizes the skin surface. Moreover, there are plenty of pre-clinical and clinical wound-healing and tissued re-modelling data in literature for FGF2. These biological functions of FGF2 are adequately important for cosmetics as well.

FGF2-STAB® is a recombinant protein produced by microbial fermentation (recombinant expression in bacteria). In short, we cultivate bacterial cells producing FGF2-STAB® in fermenter, then we break bacterial cells and isolate FGF2-STAB® by series of purification steps. This production type is referred as biotechnology-derived in pharma industry.

Our ingredient is not classified as a natural ingredient or synthetic product. FGF2-STAB® is a recombinant protein produced by bacterial expression. FGF2-STAB® is classified as a biotechnology-derived ingredient.

Production of recombinant proteins by microbiological fermentation is a very complex process requiring expensive equipment and highly qualified personnel. However, although we aim at the high-end cosmetic products, we believe that clinical efficacy of our biologically active ingredient is worth its price. We always include detailed information on the quantity of the final cosmetic product made out of the specific amount of FGF2-STAB® accordingly to our recommended concentration of 0.001%. Last but not least, we are systematically working on reducing our production costs, especially with emphasis on large production bulks.

Definitely. We have conducted a robust compatibility testing of FGF2-STAB® with common cosmetic ingredients (List).

Of course, while FGF2-STAB® is reconstituted in sterile water, it can be used in creams, serums, gels or even in mask or other matrices.

This concentration 10 ug/ml was based on the in vivo efficacy screening and it is the minimal concentration where the biological effect is observed.

The shelf-life of the lyophilized powder is 2 years. We can guarantee the shelf life of the reconstituted FGF2-STAB® for at least 8 months (our testing is still ongoing without any sign of concentration or activity loss).

Our internal capacity is 10 grams a year. However, we can secure larger quantities by external manufacturers (CMOs) that we already have in place.

It strongly depends on the quantity. Regular orders are shipped within 90 days.