FGF2-STAB®: Clinically Proven Cosmetics Ingredient!

Enantis is thrilled to share some amazing news with you! FGF2-STAB®, a groundbreaking cosmetics ingredient, has been clinically and dermatologically tested and proven effective. It was shown that it retains skin hydration, reduces wrinkles, and softens the skin.

FGF2-STAB® underwent rigorous testing, showing impressive results. Participants experienced improved skin hydration leading to visible wrinkle reduction and softer skin. What’s more, FGF2-STAB® is safe to use, with no cytotoxicity or skin irritation observed during testing.

This verification of FGF2-STAB® as an effective cosmetics ingredient is a game-changer in achieving optimal skin health. This revolutionary product is now available for supply and licensing as an innovative cosmetics ingredient. We will be happy to hear from you if you want to give it a try in your cosmetics formulation.

Exciting times ahead!