💡Join us once again as we unveil the next chapter in our „Meet Enantis“ series with issue nine!💡

Our plan is to introduce all the brilliant minds that fuel Enantis‘ innovation, as our company is not just about business – it’s about the people who make the magic happen!

This time, we’re thrilled to introduce Jan Vilím, our Head of Production and R&D 🧪🧬, and offer you an insightful interview that gives a glimpse into his role and experiences at Enantis. Delve into the world of production and research as Jan shares his journey, thoughts, and passions.

Meet Enantis series is a unique opportunity to get to know the people who drive Enantis‘ innovation on a personal level. Stay tuned for more candid conversations that shed light on the inner workings of our company and the individuals who contribute to its success.


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