The new CEO of Enantis was appointed

We would like to welcome Roman Badik, who has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Enantis.

Roman is an experienced research manager that decided to pursue his career in turning research ideas into business. And there is no better opportunity around than joining Enantis with its great potential to become a global biotech company. In doing so, Roman will use his experience from managing European projects at Central European Institute of Technology and heading the Masaryk University Research Office.

We are really excited to have Roman amongst us and we believe that under his direction, Enantis has a potential to become a successful biotech company, while still remaining a great place to work.

Enantis is searching for a new CEO

Enantis, biotech company focused on research and development in the area of protein engineering, is searching for a new CEO. The ideal candidate will be able to effectively lead the company and help us to flourish in all respects.

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FGF2-STAB® launch

Enantis successfully negotiated the first distribution agreement of its history.

In October 2018, Enantis signed a distribution contract with major player in the cell culture market and our FGF2-STAB® was launched globally.

We did it again

After engineering our hyperstable FGF2-STAB, our protein pro team focused on stabilizing another member of the FGF protein family. Now, we’re happy to announce, that we’ve managed to create a hyperstable FGF10-STAB.

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Enantis continues to explore enzyme diversity

In collaboration with Loschmidt Laboratories we continue to use the latest computational tools to research haloalkane dehalogenases.

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How did we do it?

Learn more about how we made our hyperstable FGF2. The details explaining how our molecule can last up to an unbelievable 20 days at 37 degrees have been published and are online.

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Enantis founder receives award

Enantis founder, Prof Jiri Damborsky, was awarded the Ceska Hlava prize in the category of Invention. The Ceska Hlava is the top Czech prize awarded to outstanding scientists.

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Enantis is looking for a molecular biologist

Are you a molecular biologist who is interested in joining our Protein pro team?  Click on the link below and let us know.

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Enantis is looking for a lab technician

Are you a lab technician who is interested in joining our Protein pro team?  Click on the link below and let us know.

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Enantis has received the certificate Deloitte Noted

For achieving Deloitte’s high standards for innovation, showing great potential, and exceling in our field.

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Explore our new logo and webpage

We proudly announce that Enantis launched a new website today. With launch of our new website, we are introducing our re-defined corporate identity and visuals. Our new logo consists of a simplified protein molecule. It reinforces our goal to use our expert know-how and computing tools to make the complicated process of protein engineering simpler and deliver you the results faster. We are your protein pro team.

Meet our new colleague: Gabin

We are happy to announce that Gabin de La Bourdonnaye joined our team as a foreign Ph.D. student under the Marie Curie Initial Training Network. Gabin will be working on modification of proteins for medical and biotechnological applications by directed evolution.

Meet the SME Instrument Innovator: Enantis

A new substance we’re working on at Enantis could help change how doctors heal wounds. Its researchers adjusted a specific growth protein that can help skin repair itself much faster than normal.

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Enantis has been awarded a grant under the H2020 SME Instrument phase 2

We succeeded in the European Business Champions League – H2020 SME Instrument phase 2. Among the thousands of applicants from all across Europe, Enantis was the only Czech company to receive both phase 1 and phase 2 grant. The company will receive more than €1 million to finance its preclinical trial study for its project, and will also benefit from business coaching.