Roman Badik

Chief Executive Officer

Roman is an experienced research manager that decided to pursue his career in turning research ideas into a business. And there is no better opportunity around than joining Enantis with its great potential to become a global biotech company. In doing so, he will use his experience from managing European projects at Central European Institute of Technology and heading the Masaryk University Research Office.

Radka Chaloupkova

Chief Scientific Officer

Radka is talented and enthusiastic structural biologist who found her calling at Enantis. She traded her very promising scientific career at Masaryk University for the opportunity to oversee scientific progress in a place where protein engineering transforms into industrial innovations.

Barbara Hrdlickova

Head of Biological Unit

Barbara received her PhD from the Institute for Drug Exploration at Groningen University, NL. She was always interested in multifactorial diseases starting with her undergraduate projects in allergic diseases, followed by her PhD in immunogenetics group focusing on immune-related disorders and continued during her Marie Curie Postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan (USA).

Alzbeta Cardova

Business Development Manager

Alzbeta finished her PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge, UK, while gaining work experience as an analyst at a British biotech start-up. Right after, she decided that biobusiness and commercialisation of science is something she wants to focus on rather than a scientific career. Therefore, she joined the most promising biotech start-up around.

Milada Polednakova

Head of Administration

Milada supports Enantis research team mainly as an office and project manager but her role is many-sided. She leads Enantis administrative office, deals with financial tasks, HR, research projects management and performs overall administration. Milada gained her experience at International Centre for Clinical Research as well as various university research departments.