Haloalkane dehalogenase enzymes (EC catalyze cleavage of a carbon-halogen bond by a hydrolytic mechanism. The products of the reaction are alcohols, halide ions, and protons. We are the world’s only supplier of haloalkane dehalogenases, produced in a multi-gram scale by fermentation technology. Dehalogenases are robust catalysts, do not require any co-factors, and can be immobilized and engineered for higher activity, enantioselectivity, thermal stability, and resistance to organic solvents.

These features mean that members of the haloalkane dehalogenase family have great potential for application in several fields:

  • Biocatalytic preparation of optically pure compounds
  • Bioremediation of environmental pollutants
  • Decontamination of chemical warfare agents
  • Biosensing of environmental pollutants
  • Tagging for cell imaging and protein analysis

We produce these special substances at your request. Please contact us for the specific syntheses of your desired compound. Enantis offers native and lyophilized purified microbial enzymes:

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