Enantis, innovative protein engineering company, and Core Biogenesis, company focusing on ground-breaking bioproduction of proteins in plants, have recently concluded a license agreement. This license grants Core Biogenesis the rights for global use of Enantis’ patented FGF2-STAB® to be used in areas of research, cellular agriculture and cell therapy.

“We were really impressed by the scalable technology that Core Biogenesis has developed. Through this deal, our FGF2-STAB® will become available in large quantities at a competitive price and can serve the needs of cultured meat industry.” says Roman Badik, CEO of Enantis. “We strongly believe that the synergy between our companies will be beneficial for both our growing businesses”.

FGF2-STAB®, originally named FGF2-G3, was developed by Enantis and Masaryk University, using computational methods to improve thermostability of the wild-type sequence of fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF2-WT or bFGF). While FGF2-WT quickly destabilizes in standard stem cell culture conditions, FGF2-STAB® retains full biological activity even after five days at 37°C. This allows for a more homogenous, undifferentiated stem cell culture, less frequent medium changes, and weekend-free cell culture scheduling.

“Core Biogenesis is excited to collaborate with Enantis and their innovative technology for protein design and engineering. Between Enantis‘ protein engineering unique capabilities and Core Biogenesis‘ ultra-scalable bioproduction platform, we strongly believe this partnership will bring major solutions for customers in the cultivated meat industry and to industrials and researchers that require large quantities of FGF-2″  said Alexandre Reeber, CEO of Core Biogenesis.

About Enantis

Enantis is a biotechnology company founded as a spin-off from Masaryk University, Czech Republic. Enantis’ expertise is based on vast experience in protein engineering and state-of-the-art software tools. Our key product, FGF2-STAB®, is a patented thermostable form of basic fibroblast growth factor that can revolutionize stem cell culturing. This protein is 50-times more stable than its native counterpart and has a fully retained biological activity. We also focus on other members of the growth factor family and are planning to bring various new thermostable growth factors on the market. More info at enantis.com.

About Core Biogenesis

Core Biogenesis developed a plant-based method to produce recombinant Growth Factors.

Their technology offer a massively-scalable bioproduction process and drastically reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing recombinant proteins. Recombinant Growth Factors are widely used and have multiple applications in ground-breaking industries. Core Biogenesis‘ target markets include Cell & Gene therapy manufacturing, Cultivated meat, and Life Science R&D. Visit corebiogenesis.com

Contact email: enantis@enantis.com